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First Great Western Commission

23 Jul
First Great Western Commission First Great Western Commission First Great Western Commission

Apologies for the lack of updates on the website recently.  For the past few months most of my time has been spent working on a major commission for First Great Western.  Working in partnership with fellow professional photographer and friend Mark Bauer, I was commissioned to capture photographs of many beautiful locations around the south of England as part of a major advertising campaign for the train company.  With a packed schedule I visited many locations throughout Cornwall, Devon, the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire and Somerset, shooting either first thing in the morning or late into the evening to capture a range of pictures in gorgeous lighting conditions.  In the pursuit of stunning photography for First Great Western I visited some familiar and much loved classic locations such as St Michaels Mount, Porth Nanven and Dartmoor.  

But one of the most exciting parts to working on a commission are the new locations that I need to shoot, places that otherwise I would have never contemplated photographing.   Although I tend to stay away from urban photography when shooting for myself this commission saw me heading into beautiful cities such as Oxford and Bath to capture some glorious views, and later heading home with some wonderful experiences!  Probably my most favourable experience was shooting the Roman Baths in Bath where special permission was granted for me to visit out of hours at both dawn and dusk.  I am ashamed to say that I had previously never visited the Roman Baths, for photography or otherwise.  And yet, after the first five minutes of visiting the place I was hooked!  The highlight for me was heading back to the Roman Baths for dawn and photographing the steam swirling above the surface of the water in the cold morning air.  An absolutely magical experience and one that will stay with me forever!

The commission is now complete and the advertising has been up and running around the UK for a while now.  I am yet to see it myself, but have been informed by many friends that it looks fantastic.  If you are anywhere near a train station from London to Penzance to Cardiff and beyond, look out for the pictures on poster advertisements as they will be either mine or Mark's.  It's always wonderful to hear that people have enjoyed my photographs; a few days ago I heard that a very special train passenger had seen the pictures from the commission, none other than His Royal Highness, Prince Charles.  As part of a trip to Cornwall on a First Great Western train Prince Charles was personally shown our pictures from the commission and commented on how amazing they are.  As a result our client produced a book containing all our images to be given to Prince Charles at a special presentation.  I only hope he enjoys the book enough to invite Mark and I to the Palace one afternoon!

Attached are several photographs captured on the commission.  To view more, or for more information on commissioning me for your own purposes please visit my Commercial page.

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