Adam Burton Photography

Workshop - FAQs

How do I book myself onto a 1-2-1 workshop?

You can reserve your place online by paying a non-refundable deposit of £75. The remaining balance will be requested 4 weeks before the commencement of your workshop.

How long does a 1-2-1 workshop last?

1-2-1 workshops last at least 9 hours. Depending on the time of year (and the day length) this may or may not include sunrise, but will always end after sunset.

What is included in the price of a 1-2-1 workshop?

Tuition, transport between workshop locations and a cafe/pub meal (for 1-2-1 tuition workshops) is included in the workshop price.  We will arrange to meet at a convenient location, where you will be able to leave your car for the day. 

Can I purchase a 1-2-1 workshop as a gift?

You certainly can.  In our Merchandise section you can purchase workshop gift vouchers, which can be used towards 1-2-1 tuition days.

Do you cater for all levels of photographic knowledge?

All levels of photographic knowledge are welcomed on our workshops from beginner to advanced amateurs and beyond.  Our basic aim with the workshops is to improve your landscape photography skills, as well as guide you to inspirational locations.

Will I get regular tuition and guidance?

Regardless of your skill level, Adam will always be at hand to offer tuition or answer any of your questions.

How much time will be dedicated to capturing photographs?

We will endeavour to be on location as often as possible throughout the workshop.  Providing conditions are favourable all tuition will take place on location, where you can immediately put into practice new techniques.  However, if conditions deteriorate we may return to the hotel for briefings and critique.

Will I be able to visit the locations in the best light?

Though we cannot control the British weather our locations have been researched to provide the best opportunity for shooting at the particular time we visit.  The locations selected provide a wide subject matter whatever the weather.

Are long walks or climbing involved?

We have endeavoured to select locations that in most cases are relatively easy to reach.  There will be instances where we need to tread less solid ground in the moorland areas or where we have to climb hills to shoot from cliff tops but we will reach our locations at a pace you are happy with.

What equipment will I need to bring on the workshop?

Please bring all the photographic equipment you would normally take out on a landscape shoot.  As well as your camera and lenses, essential items in this case would be a tripod and neutral density graduated filters.  Please ensure you have enough memory cards and your camera batteries are charged.

We will be visiting areas well known for changeable weather and it is essential that you have the clothing and footwear that will enable you to shoot landscapes whilst remaining comfortable in all weather conditions.  For coastal workshops a pair of wellies are highly recommended.  As we are out on location for most of the day please don’t forget to bring items such as a bottle of water and possibly some snacks to keep you going.

Will I need to buy insurance?

We recommend insurance for any photographic workshop.  However, at no time will you be placed in a position of danger; if we feel conditions do not allow us to visit a certain location we will seek an alternative.  We do ask that you act with common sense when visiting areas such as cliff tops, tidal areas and exposed areas.